A Message from Diane Dotson, One80 Life Founder

I’ve always wanted to understand human relationships. I pursued a dual major in Psychology and Sociology while in college, thinking that might give me answers. Instead, I studied parts and pieces of the human existence, much like a jig saw puzzle. What I didn’t know then was that my desire to understand the integration of heart, soul, mind and strength was at the root of it all. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After college I joined the world of human engineering, first for the military and then for a large aerospace company where I worked on analysis and integration of complex systems. John and I married in 1983 and two children arrived several years later. During that time, my husband changed careers from professional musician to non-denominational minister, to Licensed Professional Counselor who now specializes in recovery from trauma.

After a 22-year career in human engineering, I left the corporate world to pursue a career in professional coaching. I studied at The Professional Christian Coaching Institute and The Academies completing three certifications in Career Management Coaching, Professional Life Coaching, and Executive & Leadership Development Coaching. I followed that up with the Associate Certified Coach designation with the International Coach Federation. My plan early on was to jump into my business with both feet. But God had another plan. He took me back to my desire to understand human relationships, purpose, and root cause. I was drawn to the seeking verses found in scripture as well as what I call the edge verses and tipping points. My engineering training and knowledge of graphical representation from my past career were useful as I began developing graphical models that helped to explain complex biblical concepts.

I found edge verses to be elements of verses such as these:

  • The Greatest Commandment (Mark 12: 28-31)
  • Seek First… (Matthew 6:33)
  • …seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13)
  • …will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4)

And the tipping points that I sought were from questions such as these:

  • How does something that begins as healthy, end up being something that is unhealthy?
  • What is the tipping point from death to life?
  • How does one shift from the temporal to the eternal?

All of these things can be both moments in time, and trajectories. But in order to address these important questions, we must pay attention to what God is telling us in scripture. That is what the One80 Life is meant to help with… understanding the three deepest desires of the human heart and how every good thing found in the world is meant to support those three connections.

A Message from John Dotson, One80 Life Co-Founder

As Founder and Co-Founder of ONE80 Life, my wife, Diane and I, have been on this journey of discovery called marriage for more than three decades. All along the way we have opened our hearts to one another, through challenges, sacrifices, joys, and successes—always seeking to deepen our understanding of the wisdom of God and how that wisdom nurtures our spiritual growth. ONE80 Life is the result of Diane’s years of personal, intimate times of seeking her Lord for understanding of what real life really means. As she has shared what the Lord has revealed to her with me, the principles of ONE80 Life have emerged slowly but surely in part through our discussions of what makes our relationship so fulfilling, so graceful, and so grounded in the values of love and respect for the partnership we share. As an internationally credentialed coach, Diane has empowered me personally and professionally with principles of discovery just as I, in my relationship with the Lord and through my training and experience as a psychotherapist and traumatologist, have brought to her insights about recovery. Our desire is that the wisdom and insight we have provided to each other will overflow into your life bringing to you the same blessings we enjoy as a married couple.

So much of the suffering I see in my office comes from how life, as most people understand it, is actually based on a lifetime of misinformation; my clients simply are not able to see the truth about how God has designed life, real life. ONE80 Life separates truth from misunderstanding and brings the clarity, sanity, and hope that can only come from seeing through the lens of what God has revealed about the supremacy of seeking a loving, healthy, safe connection with Him, our true selves, and others.

For more information about John and his counseling practice, visit procounselingassociates.com.

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