One80 Life
What Matters Most
ONE80 Life reveals the relational architecture that leads to the three deepest and truest desires of the heart.
The One80 Life Lens

The One80 Life Lens™ brings into focus
the three truest desires of the heart.

Connection with God
Connection with God
reveals the true desires
of the heart.
Healthy Connection with Others
Healthy Connection with Others
facilitates a synergy of mutual
growth and understanding.
Connection with True Self
Connection with True Self
equips us to live out
who God designed us to be.

The Problem

Our modern society has made the making of money, and the gaining of power and attention the priorities, redirecting and scattering our thoughts and our focus, and deceiving us into believing that more money, more power and more attention will bring fulfillment and peace.

We are all fighting this familiar battle.

The Question

How do we get back to the healthy,
God-given focus on love and connection?

The One80 Life Lens
answers that question.

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