About One80 Life

What it is, who it's for, and how to begin the journey.

How do we get back to a healthy, Christ-centered focus?

Where we usually start

It begins with what we BELIEVE we want.  We don’t trust God to fill those desires so we grasp for what we believe will fulfill them.  These perceived desires shift over time and change with circumstances and even when fulfilled, are never enough.

How is that a problem?

Without a firm foundation beneath our lives, life events, circumstances and relationships can throw us off and create in us disconnection with God, others and our true self.

This journey is common among all of us

We all wrestle with the perceived desires of the heart.  We want what we want and we’re taught that it’s essential that we pursue these perceived desires, sometimes at whatever cost necessary.

God has shown us a better way

He offers us the true desires of the heart, if we will trust him.  ONE80 Life is a resource that helps you understand the desires of the heart, what keeps you from connection with God, others and your true self and how to restore those connections and recover your truest desires.

We'd like to give you a PDF that introduces you to what it is and how you can use it.